We Have Been Where You Are!

We know what it’s like to feel underappreciated, overworked, and exhausted. The stress in your life is so high that you’re near burnout. You can trust Laying Groundwork to help you reorganize your thinking to build resilience to stress and empower you to live up to your full potential.


There is no greater waste than the waste of potential and we are determined to help you reach yours.

We Help You Build The

Work Life That You Want:

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    Feeling that you have made a difference

  • LayingGroundworkRootsCircle-25

    Healthy balance between work and home

  • LayingGroundworkRootsCircle-25

    Being satisfied and fulfilled even in hectic times

  • LayingGroundworkRootsCircle-25

    Bringing your best self to work each day

Thoughtfully designed for you, the Helping Professional

Stay aligned with your purpose and values

Create a healthy and balanced work place for yourself

Realize your highest potential

We Help We Help You Balance the Whole You!


Ability to manage and fuel body as a resource for wellness programming/lifestyle.


Ability to understand and process experiences, mindset, curiosity, resilience, and productivity


Ability to manage and express your emotions:

Capacity, Stability & Resolution


Ability to interact and form relationships such as: Interpersonal Skills, Collaboration and Resolution, Employee Engagement, Community Leadership

Want To Continue to Love the Work You are Trained to Do?

Understanding your purpose and values and staying aligned with them is key.


You can use these to support your own health and well-being. We can all get better at self-care!

We start on the inside on purpose. Building self-awareness helps us understand our:

Patterns of thinking

Emotional responses

Habits, both helpful and not

Sources of stress and burnout