YOU: Your Own Best Resource

an ONLINE course with Patrick Marsolek

This one-hour course will provide you with practical tools and techniques to access the internal resources needed to find inner strength and regain stability during challenging times. You'll learn:

how to return to self-connection and resiliency when you feel stuck

techniques to access awareness and move toward an internal shift

how to determine what you most need and how to shift your mental state


    Thursday, May 6, 6-7:00pm MST


    100% ONLINE via Zoom Webinars


    Single Payment: $21

    Early Bird Pricing: $16 through April 21, 2021

Finding Stability Within When Uncertainty Surrounds

Learn how to acknowledge what's happening without being held hostage by your emotions.

Understand the difference between false positivity and an authentic mindset shift in order to find meaning in your experience.

Practice a guided process to help you be present with uncomfortable emotional and mental states so you can return to a balanced and empowered state of being.

plant in brick

When you get knocked off course...

It takes extra attention to self-care to stay self-connected and resilient.

Even when you feel most stuck, you can draw forward your internal resources to find hope and a positive sense of moving forward.

Meet Your Instructor

Patrick Marsolek

Patrick Marsolek is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with a virtual private practice based in Missoula, Montana that focuses on emotional resiliency and self-transformation. He is also a professionally-trained mediator, working with families and volunteering with the Community Dispute Resolution Center and the Justice Court in Missoula. He brings an extensive background with communication skills, deep dialogue and listening, and therapeutic understanding of consciousness.

Patrick is the author of  “A Joyful Intuition,”  “Transform Yourself: A Self-Hypnosis Manual” and many articles on consciousness and human capacities.