We Help You Grow Your Business Inside-Out

Because we are full-service HR partners focused on leadership, employee, business, and community wellness, we run the spectrum from providing partnered wellness programming to setting up in-house programming and support training.

We Help You Build The

Workplace Culture That You Want:

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    A thriving, goal-busting business hitting all the right marks.

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    A workplace that everyone likes showing up to every day

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    Happy, healthy, and resilient over-achiever type leaders, teams, and support staff

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    The corporate culture that’s the envy of everyone in your industry

Corporate Resiliency & Culture

We organize Worksite Wellness programs and events covering topics like smoking, diabetes, stress, addiction, weight loss, among others. This events are online and on-demand, especially targeting your entry-level collaborators.

We also provide Worksite Wellbeing programs and events focused on nutrition, light hygiene, mindfulness, stress, life goal setting, among other topics. These events are 100% customizable, on-site, online, & on-demand options.

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Corporate Wellness Events

Our Corporate Wellness Events offer a range of events, from traditional health fair planning to unique, corporate culture-supportive, on-site or online events.

Corporate Leadership Trainings

At Laying Groundwork, our Corporate Leadership Trainings offer HR department partnership training, internal program development consulting, all spectrum Leadership Training, and a “Train the Trainer” course to set your business up for future hires and future success.

We offer management-level trainings to provide your leadership team with the resources they need in order to facilitate a work environment that works symbiotically among all employees.

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Productivity Training

Laying Groundwork offers training for individuals and groups of professionals to increase productivity and motivation within your corporate culture.

Professional Certifications & Continuing Education

Want to keep your employees updated on their professional certifications and continuing education?


We can help you with that.


Every business is different, and that’s why our solutions are too.

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Staying Purposeful

Personal Enrichment

Trainings and workshops on a wide variety of topics all with a central theme of health, self-discovery and increased self-awareness. Always approaching optimal health from the inside out.

We are your full-service Human Resources partners focused on leadership, employee, business, and community wellness.