Every Employee Matters.

From the person greeting customers at the front desk, to the executive delivering the deal-sealing handshakes, you want the best representing your business.


Hiring the right people at every level and keeping them healthy, inspired, and invested impacts your reputation, your momentum, your leadership, your corporate culture - and your bottom line.


Great people show up great everywhere they go, not just their workplace. They have that extra “something special.” And when they’re united with the right purpose-driven job, they love what they do so much that they’d almost do it for free. They bolster one another and make coming to work feel inspired and impactful for everyone.

So how do you ensure you have as many great people around you as possible?

You build a corporate culture that fosters greatness, from the inside-out.

We Help You Foster

Workplace Wellness

You build a corporate culture that fosters greatness, from the inside-out.


Be an employer who attracts, develops, and keeps great people and you’ll have great employees and a bottom line to reflect that. But where and how you implement corporate perma-culture directionally is crucial. It takes strategic focus and excellence in the details. It takes inside-out growth.


So, why does corporate perma-culture matter? With strategic and harmonious relational planning, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Growth, change, and the occasional storm are planned for from the start.

The pH of the soil is monitored, fertilized, and amended, nutrients are applied where and when they’re needed, and consistent tending through staking, dead-heading, mulching, weeding, transplanting and germinating are all part of responsible management. All to harmoniously produce a bigger and better yield.

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul. —

Alfred Austin

wellness at work

We are your full-service Human Resources partners focused on leadership, employee, business, and community wellness.

leadership training

Beyond Basic

Workplace Wellness

At Laying Groundwork, we are a combination of customized curriculum development, live instruction, and on-demand core learning for easy access and completion within your workplace.


Because everything that we do is customized to your workplace dynamic, transitions become easy for everyone. At Laying Groundwork, our mission is to help your workplace achieve a balance where all facets of your business come together to work cohesively.


We can also help you plan and execute online or in-person “healthfair” events to keep employees informed about their wellness options, negotiate gym membership discounts, determine pre and post program success measures, and conduct stress management workshops or other targeted trainings and events to upscale teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.


Whether you execute each component of your Wellness Program or we do, our focus is on the big picture to ensure that your Workplace Wellbeing offerings support your corporate culture goals.

Water your roots so your soul can blossom.