Staying Grounded

LIVE ONLINE course with Kathy Mangan

What exactly is being “grounded” and why the heck do we care? Defined as being sensible, practical, sincere, reasonable and being able to react calmly in a crisis, learning to be grounded is a fundamental quality for optimal health.


This course will break down the inherent qualities of being grounded into achievable steps.


    Wednesdays, February 23-March 9, 6:00-7:00pm MST


    100% ONLINE via Zoom Webinars



    Early Bird Pricing: $52 through February 16, 2022

Being grounded goes deeper than just appearing calm.

Explore the physical foundations of groundedness.

Stabilize your emotional state with practical exploratory systems..

Develop a self-compassion practice.

Meet Your Instructor




Kathy Mangan is passionate about optimizing human potential. She is dedicated to whole mind/body/spirit health and focuses on offering both thought-provoking and practical ideas to help her workshop participants best grow their own individual and organizational potential.


Kathy is also the Founder of Laying Groundwork and its non-profit sister organization The Learning Center at Red Willow in Missoula, Montana.


Limited Spots Available.

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