Slay Your Dragons to Achieve Your Goals

LIVE ONLINE course with Lisa Inman

If you struggle with translating your dreams and goals into action, this is the course for you. You'll learn how to develop your dreams and translate them into supportive goals and actionables. And most importantly, you'll align your mindset and wipe out those pesky fire-breathing "dragons"- the limiting beliefs hiding out in your subconscious that keep you stuck. 

You'll learn:

How to Define a Goal That Translates to Action

How to Identify and Eliminate Self-Sabotage

How to Evaluate, Adapt, and Adjust with Skill


    Monday, March 7, 6-8pm MST


    100% ONLINE via Zoom Webinars



    Early Bird Pricing: $29 through February 28

Change doesn't happen TO you. It happens FROM you.

Define a personally compelling vision for your future.

Craft a supported action plan that will actually work for you.

Reframe the challenges and limitings beliefs that have kept you unsuccessful in the past.

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Lasting Change Isn't a Willpower Issue

When you're not truly aligned to the transition you seek, it's hard to get the action steps to stick. So you push harder, try harder, force things more... until you give up entirely in a moment of "weakness". It's NOT a willpower issue.

It's a lack of clarity and flow around what you think you want, and what you believe about your ability to achieve and receive it. When you're truly and authentically aligned to your intention, there's less pushing needed. What to do, and how to do it, emerges clearly when goals, supporting beliefs, and action align. No shame games required.

We'll have time for practical execution of these steps with guidance and real-time support.


In This 2-Hour Course We'll Explore:

  • how to unite big-picture vision with everyday, achievable steps to achieve your goals.

  • how to work with your neurobiology to re-frame discomfort and support change that will actually last.

  • how to harness the power of thought, belief, and emotion in crafting change from the inside-out.

  • exactly how to identify and slay those dragons that stand between you and success!

Meet Your Instructor


Lisa Inman is a Certified Life Coach and personal energetics coach who helps people create and sustain the personal transformation they desire. Finding integrity in the alignment of what we believe, think, and do is the foundation of Lisa's philosophy.


In addition to maintaining a virtual private practice in Missoula, Montana, Lisa is also Laying Groundwork's "Grower of Client Success," helping businesses and organizations adapt concepts of personal development to intrinsically support organizational growth, build employee loyalty, and align with brand culture.


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