Qigong For Seasonal Health: Spring

IN PERSON course with Kirk Norby

In the Spring session you’ll learn:


  • A short set of exercises from the 8th century that benefits general well-being and organ health.
  • Three individual exercises that support Liver health, including the essential exercise for the Liver.
  • A special qigong meditation that benefits the Liver.
  • A meditation to enhance the general health of the organs.
  • Suggestions for your Spring diet.

    Next session (Spring 2023): dates/time TBA


    Missoula, Montana (location TBA)



    Early Bird Pricing: $52 


Qigong: Our Spring Practice

Spring is the season when the energies inside us begin to rise. In the Five Phase paradigm (also called the Five Element Theory), Spring relates to the Wood Phase.


The focus of our springtime practice is on supporting the Liver and Liver Network which includes the gall bladder, muscles, tendons, fascia and eyes. Although our focus is the Liver, the benefits of the practice extend well beyond that organ and beyond ‘the network’.


Most qigong consists of three aspects--movement, breath and the mind--in varying proportions. The practice for this season will include gentle exercises and meditations. Learn about foods that relax and detox the Liver and move Qi (life force). After you’ve learned the components, you can create your own program to fit your schedule and lifestyle. 

Meet Your Instructor

Kirk Norby bio photo

Kirk Norby graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance. He began a regular practice of qigong in 1989, and has studied Medical, Daoist and Buddhist qigong, Daoist meditation, and self-massage from teachers based in and outside the United States.

Since 2015, Kirk has been practicing a system of qigong exercises, meditations and dietary practices that help the body adjust to seasonal changes. He enjoys the flexibility and variety of the program as well as the sense of well-being he experiences after his daily practice and throughout the year.

Kirk’s goal is to support other people who want to discover the benefits of these practices.


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