Qigong For Seasonal Health

IN PERSON course with Kirk Norby

The term “qigong” consists of two parts—qi and gong. Qi can be loosely translated as energy and gong can be translated as a practice done with dedication, so qigong is a dedicated practice of energy exercises. It usually involves varying proportions of body movement, regulated breathing and the mind.

Some exercises emphasize strengthening the physical body, while others emphasize developing the spirit.The exercises and meditations in this series of seasonal classes come from a variety of sources, some of them many centuries old. 

As a participant, you will learn the components of this seasonal Qigong practice so you can adapt them to fit your schedule and your needs, whether you have five minutes or an hour available.


    Next session (Fall 2022): Wednesdays, September 7-21, 5:30-7:00pm MST


    Missoula, Montana (location TBA)



    Early Bird Pricing: $52 through September 1st


Qigong: An Introduction

Qigong (pronounced "chee gong"), part of Chinese culture for 2500 years, is one of the main branches of Chinese medicine along with acupuncture and herbology.


The purpose of the Qigong for Seasonal Health series is to improve our health by being in harmony with the energies of nature. This is done by considering The Five Phases paradigm, understanding how the seasonal energy of Nature influences our health, then practicing exercises and meditations, as well as eating foods that support the organ most affected during the current season.


Class is suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners of all ages. The benefits extend beyond seasonal health and include more complete breathing, reduced stress, and a healthy flow of Qi (life force) in the body.


You have options. During the course of the year, instruction will be offered for an average of six exercises and two meditations each season. There is enough variety to keep things interesting and there is time to become familiar with the exercises and experience their benefits. Exercises can be adjusted to accommodate different abilities and are suitable for all ages. The dietary suggestions are quite easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

Qigong For The Seasons

This qigong program can be practiced by itself, and also complements many other practices. Start with any season. As a participant, you will learn the components of the seasonal practice so you can adapt them to fit your schedule and your needs, whether you have five minutes or an hour available. A detailed handout will be supplied at the beginning of each season. Join us for one season, or year-round!

Meet Your Instructor

Kirk Norby bio photo

Kirk Norby graduated from the University of Montana with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance. He began a regular practice of qigong in 1989, and has studied Medical, Daoist and Buddhist qigong, Daoist meditation, and self-massage from teachers based in and outside the United States.

Since 2015, Kirk has been practicing a system of qigong exercises, meditations and dietary practices that help the body adjust to seasonal changes. He enjoys the flexibility and variety of the program as well as the sense of well-being he experiences after his daily practice and throughout the year.

Kirk’s goal is to support other people who want to discover the benefits of these practices.


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