Introduction to Chronic Pain

LIVE ONLINE course with Mari Hodges

This course builds upon learning in Introduction to Pain, providing an evidence-based approach to understanding and managing chronic pain. As a practitioner, you'll learn how you can help your clients reduce the risk of transition from acute to chronic pain and help them on the road to recovery from chronic pain.

Please register for Introduction to Pain on January 28-29 prior to registering for this course. Completion of Introduction to Pain is required to begin Introduction to Chronic Pain.

You'll receive:

A list of recommended reading to deepen your understanding of course concepts

CE credits, pending approval

Access to Class Recording for 7 Days


    March 4-6, 2022

    Friday 6-8pm, Saturday and Sunday 10-12pm MST


    100% ONLINE via Zoom Webinars



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Take your understanding of the mechanics of pain deeper.

** Introduction to Pain course must be completed prior to taking Introduction to Chronic Pain**

Best pain practices matter.

Studies show that improving healthcare professionals’ knowledge and skills in regard to pain enables them to help their patients identify contributors to their pain experience, enhance patient autonomy, and increase patients' ability to self-manage their pain to avoid potentially needless suffering (CDC 2019).


With this patient-centered, evidence-based approach to understanding and managing pain, practitioners can help reduce the risk of transition from acute to chronic pain, help put patients back in control of their lives and help them on the road to recovery from chronic pain.

This course will enable you to:

  • Identify biopsychosocial factors that contribute to pain.

  • Understand the basic mechanisms of how chronic pain works.

  • Identify psychosocial methods to help patients reduce pain.

  • List output systems at work in chronic pain.

  • List potential strategies to implement evidence-based practice regarding persistent pain.

Meet Your Instructor

Mari Hodges

Mari Hodges is a Therapeutic Pain Specialist, Certified Alexander Technique Teacher and Art of Running instructor passionate about teaching self-care and self-development skills. She teaches pain education, embodied awareness and movement, and coaches individuals for pain and stress reduction.


Mari specializes in empowering people to recover mobility, enhance performance and discover personal transformation and freedom of choice by changing long-standing habits of posture, movement and thought.


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