Navigating Diet Hype


Navigating Diet Hype


Every day it seems that there is a new type of diet that is supposed to be miraculous for this, that, or the other thing.  It’s no wonder people are confused and somewhat skeptical about all the hype. 


Here are some common scenarios for you as an individual trying to navigate these diets:

  • Maybe you have discounted all of the new meal plans out there, knowing that there is a new one taking its place.  
  • Perhaps you’ve tried them all and find them all extremely frustrating, feeling as if you have failed.
  • You may not have a clue how to start, so you just eat whatever looks and sounds good.


You see, this is because most diets aren’t designed for meeting you where you are at or for meeting your own personal needs. 


The truth is that most diets today have some science behind them.  


But you aren’t a science experiment.  


You are a dynamic being who needs different foods for different reasons all the time. 


So, how do you find out what diet is really best for you?


Using a healthy dose of self-reflection is great. You may already know some things about what foods make you feel great when you eat them.  It’s also possible you are aware of what makes you feel really crummy. 


This  self awareness should be balanced with the science we have today in order to find your sweet spot. 


Also a good overview of all the popular meal plans today based on science can help you navigate your healthiest self. 


Hint:  achieving gut health is a cornerstone of all health because each cell in your body is connected to the integrity of your gut. 



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Heidi Moretti

Heidi Moretti, Laying Groundwork Instructor

Heidi Moretti is a Registered Dietician of over 20 years, nutrition blogger, and author of "The Whole Body Guide to Gut Health." She focuses on functional nutrition and research to get to the root cause of illness. Heidi teaches Laying Groundwork courses on nutrition and gut health.

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