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This drop-in lunchtime series guides professionals and leaders of all levels through a more personal kind of professional development. We develop people into natural leaders who easily align with the kind of opportunities they serve best and feel most passionate about. 8 weeks of 30-minute online classes with a rotation of instructors. 

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A Rotation of Laying Groundwork Instructors

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    Thursdays, July 8 - August 26

    12:15-12:45pm MST


    100% ONLINE via Zoom Webinars



Explore a variety of professional development topics through the lens of self-mastery.

July 8 | Better, Faster Decisions

Are you feeling indecisive more than you'd like? We'll learn the #1 way for learning to respond appropriately and confidently in almost all situations by connecting directly to your values. You'll be guided through the process of identifying your current values and determining how to use them to ask yourself the right questions when making decisions.

July 15 | Staying on Track: Purpose in the Professional Path

The alignment of personal purpose, work, and job is what creates exceptional people, employees, and leaders. We'll explore a better way to determine your career path and support those of your employees.

July 22 | Managing Stress: Yours and Theirs

We'll discover what our leadership skills have to do with turnover, career satisfaction, and employee well-being and focus. We'll explore the emotional and mental resilience skills of leaders and how to respond to common pain points within working teams.

July 29 | Build It To Get It: Your Healthy Workday

Learn to plan and execute wellness strategies into your everyday worklife. We'll cover wellness basics and systems implementation that incorporates accountability, support, and roadblock navigation. Nutrition, movement, stress management, environmental set-up, and much more will be covered.

August 5 | Psychological Capital: Resilience in Leadership

This session explores the skills, qualities and practices of real people who are successful leaders.

August 12 | When Things Blow Up

We'll cover the dynamics around conflict in the workplace, as well as the considerations that impact resolution for everyone.

August 19 | Staying Focused

This session explores re-centering and focusing practices for efficiency and productivity that you can apply in your work and personal life.

August 26 | The Superpower You Haven't Considered

You'll learn how to discover and apply a superpower you already possess but likely haven't applied yet.


Your Laying Groundwork instructors

This 8-course series will be taught by five Laying Groundwork instructors: Kathy Mangan, Christine Lustik, Lisa Inman, Patrick Marsolek, and Greg Grallo. Together, they bring a cohesive approach to the dynamic intersection of personal and professional development.

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