INSPIRED: Working From The Inside Out

A 16-week Immersion for The Healing Professional


Workbook to guide your self-study

(1) 75-min. online group session each week

(1) one-on-one consultation with Kathy

Replay of each week's session available for 7 days


    16 Wednesdays, Feb. 22 - June 7, 2023; 7:30-8:45am MST


    100% ONLINE via Zoom Webinars


    $425 or 3 payments of $165

Do The Work You Love In a Way That Feels Fulfilling

Create a Solid Values-Based Foundation To Support Your Health and Wellbeing

We'll take a deep dive into some really fascinating self-study topics:

Who Am I Really, and Why Does It Matter?

  • Why you do what you do
  • Exploring the intersection of your business + personal lives
  • Prioritizing your values

You're Smarter Than You Think

  • Inner wisdom: how to grow it, hear it and act on it
  • Learning from yourself

Uncomfortable is OK

  • Working with conflict, judgement and control
  • Learning to stay in your lane   


Creating a Life-Long Practice

  • The science of habits
  • Making and breaking them
  • Staying on track

Nourishing Self-Care

  • Making friends with your nervous system
  • Learning and using self-compassion
  • Discipline- maybe not what you think

Are You a Helping Professional?

This is a term that we apply broadly. Not only doctors and nurses, but ANYONE in the allied health services are considered helping professionals.  If you are a body worker, a mental health counselor, an energy medicine health provider or a first -responder, you are a helping professional.

What can you expect as a result of working with this approach?

  • way less chronic stress.

  • more confident decisions, more quickly.

  • a feeling of fulfillment.

  • more balance in all of aspects of your life.

  • long-term soul-nourishing self-care habits.

What Others Are Saying:

“This came at just the right time for me.  I was frustrated and tired. I understand that better now and can help myself. Thank you.”  -M.L.

“I have to admit, I was pretty cynical at the start.  Now it all makes perfect sense.  Kathy was very patient and able to take difficult concepts and make them accessible for me.”  -A.B.

“I am new to working for myself.  I feel like I have some tools to keep me from burning out.”  -P.G.

Meet Your Instructor

Kathy Magan

Inspired is led by Laying Groundwork’s leader, Kathy Mangan.  Kathy has a special affinity for those who have chosen to strike out on their own and open a business or private practice.  Work has been a journey of discovery for Kathy and has been a primary self-awareness path for living a more fulfilled life.


Laying Groundwork is dedicated to creating a solid foundation for business growth and success by helping business owners, leaders and employees tap into the strength of their vision and the alignment of values.  This is what we refer to as inside-out.  Taking a deep and honest look at what drives and inspires us helps us take those values and vision into the workplace.

Do What You Love In A Way That Supports You

It's never too late to begin. Been a helping professional for a while? Just getting started? Doesn’t matter!

If you're someone who's fascinated by your own journey to satisfaction and fulfillment, Inspired is a great place to begin. This is not a quick fix, so if you're looking for tips and tricks, this is NOT for you.


What if I'm not satisfied?

A full refund is available if not satisfied at the end of Month One.

How much time can I expect to spend on the curriculum?

We recommend that you spend 30 minutes a day on self-study separate from the weekly sessions.

What if I miss a weekly session (16 total)?

You'll have access to a video replay of each session for 7 days.


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