Inside Out Capsule Group Coaching

LIVE ONLINE course with Kathy Mangan

We all need outside eyes on our patterns.  Really, ALL of us.  It can be pretty easy to get stuck and not be able to really see your options!

Group Capsule Coaching is a bite-sized, accessible way to get to the things that keep us from living our best lives and being our best selves.  This is an opportunity to focus on one topic at a time and learn from your peers as well as yourself.  I will be there to guide you every step of the way.

I have chosen monthly topics that focus on what impacts our health and well-being on all levels.  Join for all 8 modules or choose the ones you are the most interested in.  Sessions will be part practice and part discussion and all fun!  And, yes, these will be self-study assignments outside of our session meetings.


    Monthly sessions are the first 3 Wednesdays of each month, 12:15-12:45pm via ZOOM.  Sessions will be recorded.

    • April 5th - 19th: Detecting Your Path
    • May 3rd - 17th: Boundaries That Work
    • June 7th - 21st: Emotions as a Resource
    • August 2nd - 16th: Learning from Yourself
    • September 6th - 20th: Getting Unstuck
    • October 4th - 18th: Finding Your Strengths
    • November 1st - 15th: Tapping into Your Inner Wisdom
    • December 6th - 20th: Making New Patterns Stick

    100% ONLINE via Zoom Webinars


    $240 for all 8 modules

    Pick and choose at $32 each

Meet Your Instructor

Kathy Magan


Kathy has a special affinity for those who have chosen to strike out on their own and open a business or work as a private practice provider.


Work has been a journey of discovery for Kathy and has been a primary self-awareness path for living a more fulfilled life.


Laying Groundwork is dedicated to creating a solid foundation for living to your highest potential. We refer to this process as inside-out.  Taking a deep and honest look at what drives and inspires us helps us take those values and vision into our lives as well as the workplace.