Our customizable services run the spectrum - from providing complete wellness programming to setting up in-house programming and support training - so you can build your own wellness division and create your most effective corporate culture.

We Turn Businesses Inside-Out

Every employee matters. From the person greeting customers at the front desk, to the executive delivering the deal-sealing handshakes, you always want the best representing your business. Hiring the right people at every level and keeping them healthy, inspired, and invested impacts your reputation, your momentum, your leadership, your corporate culture - and your bottom line.


Great people show up great everywhere they go, not just their workplace. They have that extra “something special.” And when they’re united with the right purpose-driven job, they love what they do so much that they’d almost do it for free. They bolster one another and make coming to work feel inspired and impactful for everyone.


So how do you ensure you have as many great people around you as possible?

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We Help You Foster

Workplace Wellness

We begin with a solid Worksite Wellness Program to address basic health and wellness concerns:

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Diabetes Care & Prevention

  • Healthy Weight Promotion

  • HealthCare 101

  • Exercise and Movement

  • Stress Management

  • Addiction Recovery Support

  • Mental/Emotional Health in the Workplace

  • Health Energetics

  • Corporate Culture: Inclusivity and Diversity

  • Financial Wellness

We Foster Worksite Wellbeing

Focusing on health is a known benefit: healthy people perform better. Productivity improves, absenteeism reduces, and healthcare costs often drop. But, great people aren’t just physically healthy people- they’re well people.


Well people look beyond green smoothies and exercise programs. Wellness isn’t just the absence of illness, it’s a state of complete physical, mental and emotional wellbeing that facilitates our connection to passion and purpose.


Gather enough of these kinds of people and momentum builds, both supporting and being supported by, a truly phenomenal corporate culture.

We teach people, teams, and companies how to develop complete health and excellence.


That’s why our curriculum goes far beyond the standard. It's 100% customized to your unique needs.


We Grow Your Corporate Perma-Culture

Corporate cultures have a symbiotic relationship with employees: employees grow the culture, and the culture grows (or doesn’t grow) the employees.


For instance, when a landscape architect plans a sustainable environment, they begin with the permaculture - a set of holistic eco-system design principles. Its elements create a resilient, sustainable relationship between the environment and each planting. It’s carefully monitored, nurtured, and adjusted as the environment evolves.

In business, Laying Groundwork shows you how to design, nurture, and grow this balanced relationship between employee, corporate culture, and business.

We call this symbiotic relationship between employee and organization your Corporate Perma-Culture.

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You Focus On The Details Of

Running Your Business

We focus on big-picture planning and create an ecosystem that supports you, your teams, and your mission in order to create the best workplace possible. Here’s how:

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    We identify the necessary supports in order to sustainably build and nurture a perma-culture that will foundationally reflect your corporate mission and vision

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    We guide and develop your leadership and teams with the tools they need to succeed on every level

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    We create sustainability, ensuring that you’re applying resources appropriately and your people are contributing most effectively while avoiding burnout

We are your full-service Human Resources partners focused on leadership, employee, business, and community wellness.