From the Inside Out: Resilience Skills for the Helping Professional

ONLINE Stress Resilience Training Series with Kathy Mangan, MS

This 6-week training series explores the practical and modern use of mindfulness practices to help reduce anxiety and stress as well as well as improve self-compassion and positive mood states. You will receive:

Access to LIVE Training Sessions

Practical Techniques & Exercises

Support Materials & Working Sheets

Session Recordings Available for 7 Days


    Wednesdays, September 14 - October 19, 7:30  - 9:00 am MST 


    100% ONLINE via Zoom Webinars



    Normally $249, this series is FREE, thanks to a grant administered by Missoula County

Who's a Helping Professional?

There's a wide range of professionals in service roles who are experiencing burnout in areas such as:  healthcare, mental health, occupational and physical therapy, childcare, emergency services, and more. We'll give you tools to stay committed in your role, and be well in your own life.

Explore the Profound Difference Between Stress Resilience and Standard "Stress Management" Techniques

Learn the foundations of resiliency practices you can implement easily and immediately.

Explore what self-care really means in reducing anxiety and stress in yourself, your teams, and those you serve.

Implement mindfulness-infused techniques to improve self-compassion, foster positive mood states, and increase your work-effectiveness.

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In uncertain and worrying times...

Mindfulness practices have been shown to help support and build resilience. This is important for everyone- but especially important for those who work with clients and patients facing new, complex, and emotionally-charged challenges.

In This Training We Will:

  • Examine the importance of true self-care for helping professionals.

  • Help you reduce anxiety and stress, and improve self-compassion and positive mood states.

  • Practically apply techniques to help you improve critical qualities that can make your work more effective.

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Meet Your Instructor

Kathy Magan

Kathy is a lifelong learner. Fascinated by the journey to optimal health and well-being, she has chosen a life of service.


Kathy maintained a private practice for over 20 years before founding Laying Groundwork and its associated non-profit, the Learning Center at Red Willow.


She is a gifted teacher and presenter with the skill to make complex ideas simple and practical.


We'd love to have you. Please be sure to register to hold your spot.

Resilience Skills Registrations - Missoula County Feb/March 2021