Conflict and the CEO (Chief Everything Officer)


These past years have demonstrated how easy it is to become divided over even the simplest things. What starts as disagreement explodes into enmity, estrangement, and separation. We have seen families divided over conflict and businesses have suffered as a result of conflict. A disagreement is not often a deal-breaker, but when we layer issues in our hearts, bodies, and minds seemingly intractable conflict and impasse arise. 

Conflict is inevitable between two or more people, or even between two opposing views in yourself. What is not inevitable, is the straining of or disintegration of relationships. As the “Chief Everything Officer” interacting with others as you conduct your business, maintaining relationships is critical to the health of your business.  As you become comfortable navigating conflict, you start to see it as an opportunity for growth, transformation, and learning, rather than seeing conflict as an insurmountable impasse. 

Drawing on the practices of Transformative Mediation, you can lay the foundation for healing and strengthening relationships, building consensus and collaboration, and reveal the feelings and views that guide decisions. Conflict is a whole body experience, incorporating the heart, body, and mind. 


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Greg Grallo

Greg Grallo, Laying Groundwork Instructor

is a Certified mediator through the Center for Dispute Resolution in Santa Barbara, California, and is an Associate Member of the Montana Mediation Association. He served as a chaplain in the hospital system and in hospice for over a decade and has extensive experience in high-stress group dynamics. Greg teaches Laying Groundwork courses in transformative conflict mediation, consensus culture, and group communication dynamics.

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