Compassionate Communication

LIVE ONLINE course with Patrick Marsolek

Your feelings are an opportunity to connect with your inner values and needs, which direct your actions, communications, emotional expressions and all forms of behavior. With better awareness of the values "alive" in you, you can find more ease expressing yourself and connecting with others when they're stressed or uncomfortable.

You'll learn how to:

Make Requests of Others That Foster Connection

Receive Information More Clearly and With Less Judgment

Translate Judgments Into Positive Action

Give and Receive Empathy


    Four Wednesdays, February 2-23, 6:00-7:30pm MST


    100% ONLINE via Zoom Webinars



    Early Bird Pricing: $96 through January 26

Course material is based on Nonviolent Communication (the work of Marshall Rosenberg). We'll practice:

Connecting Needs to Feelings.

Responding Well When You Receive a "NO."

Expressing Your Needs So They're More Easily Heard.


Compassionate Communication is For Everyone

Over the years, most of us have developed many maladaptive communication patterns that foster conflict, misunderstanding, and a lack of authentic connection. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, these patterns emerge and get in our way.

Communicating well is a skill that can be honed. We'll have plenty of hands-on practice and opportunity for practice each week between classes.

Course handouts will provide a referral point for your ongoing development and practice of compassionate communication.

Don't worry if you miss any of our meeting times; a recording will be available for a week following each class.


Meet Your Instructor

Patrick Marsolek

Patrick Marsolek draws on many years of diverse experiences as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Family and Justice Court mediator, and a practitioner of meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, intuitive development, Bohmian dialogue and Nonviolent Communication.


Patrick is dedicated to helping people discover and deepen their own resources for personal transformation, joy, health and wholeness. Patrick teaches courses that weave together his passion for consciousness, creativity, and human potentials.


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