You: Your Own Best Resource


Challenges affect us on many levels.

Writing this in February 2021, we’ve all had our lives intensely disrupted for nearly a year due to a worldwide pandemic. Though we can see positive changes coming, it may be a while yet before things return to normal.

Many of us have been getting by okay; we’ve found ways to continue day-t0-day. In that, we are tremendously resilient beings. At the same time, there has been a toll. This life has been hard on our nervous systems. With disruption of our routines, our necessary social connections and even our financial security- our underlying sense of safety and predictability- have been challenged.

We can become dysregulated.

With such inner and outer turbulence we do experience mental, physical, emotional and spiritual stress. Have you felt mental fatigue or had a hard time staying focused on the tasks at-hand? Have you had a hard time doing the activities that you know are good for you, such as exercising, eating well or resting? Do you feel more emotional turbulence or feel shut down? Have you felt confusion about your purpose or meaning? These are all normal responses to tremendous change and stress. They happen when our bodies and minds get locked in stress responses or when we’re cut off from our social, environmental or emotional support systems.

The solution is already inside you.

We can’t rush the recovery in the external world and there are things we can do to ease the discomfort and turbulence we feel. We can identify and understand the symptoms of stress and address them directly. We can learn to listen to our whole-body system and respond in proactive ways. We can shift from automatic fight or flight unconscious responses to more effective, conscious strategies that work at a foundational, physical level.

Learn to tap into your innate resilience.

We’re launching an online class to address all of this called  “You: Your Own Best Resource.”  While we don’t need a pandemic to learn to tap into our inner resiliency, the truth is that we really are our own best resource even when things seem most bleak. We’ll look at the mechanisms of stress and how to release it. We’ll practice ways of resetting our nervous systems. And we’ll work with the mental and physical bodies to reconnect with ourselves and begin to address our own needs directly. With attention and care to yourself, you can find a deeper calm in the body and clarity in the mind. With practice, you can tap into your own energy and intention to care for your whole being.

Patrick Marsolek

Patrick Marsolek, Laying Groundwork Instructor

Draws on many years of diverse experiences as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Family and Justice Court mediator, a practitioner of meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, intuitive development, Bohmian dialogue and Nonviolent Communication. He is dedicated to helping people discover and deepen their own resources for personal transformation, joy, health and wholeness. Patrick teaches courses that weave together his passion for consciousness, creativity, and human potentials.

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